2024 Men In Kilts - A3 Wall Calendar by Just Calendars - Sexy Hot Topless Men - 12 Month - Starts Sunday

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Introducing the 2024 Men In Kilts Calendar - a unique blend of style and Scottish tradition brought to life by Just Calendars in collaboration with Kilted Photography. This exclusive piece is a celebration of the rugged charm of kilts, showcasing handsome men in this iconic Scottish attire month after month.

This A3-sized calendar measures 29.7cm wide and 42cm high, providing a generous canvas for the stunning imagery. Each photograph is exquisitely printed on high-quality premium paper, bringing the vibrant colours and intricate details to life and adding a touch of Celtic charm to any space.

Rather than a conventional calendar, the 2024 Men In Kilts Calendar offers a unique visual experience. The dates are subtly displayed at the bottom in a small font, allowing the images to take centre stage. This design choice emphasises the artistry of the photography, transforming each month into a striking visual feast. Though it doesn't have grid squares for marking dates or jotting notes, this calendar is about immersing in the aesthetics, making it an ideal gift for lovers of art, Scottish culture and super handsome men.

The 2024 Men In Kilts Calendar is more than a way to keep track of the days - it's an artistic journey through the world of kilts and the men who wear them with pride. As a result of the collaboration between Just Calendars and Kilted Photography, this calendar brings you closer to the intriguing and handsome charm of kilts, one month at a time. Whether for yourself or as a gift, this calendar promises a year filled with Scottish allure and sartorial splendour.


Brand Just Calendars
Year 2024 Calendar
Format A3 Wall
Timespan 12-Month
Grid Layout Date Grid
View Month To View
Week Starts On Sunday
Barcode 9781923003460
Weight 250 g
Dimensions (Closed) 42x29.7x0.3

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